Hi Mark. I lost both my parents in two years. My English Setter Fergie seemed so depressed this year. She is 10. I got a marternal instinct and against advice I started going to the English Setter Rescue Sites.After 3 months with ACES Another CHance for English Setters I settled on Dexter a 9 year old from Louisville Ky. I flew my dog groomer down, against the advice of the foster moms (he was wary of strange men) etc. We drove him home to Detroit. He has become a mush pod like a beanbag chair, Fergie is like a three year old again, I have to resort to the sofa since they took over the bed most nights. They love the dog sitter who watches movies with them and have popcorn. The best part is every night when I bathe, Dexter stands by the bathtub till he gets his face , ears and front paws washed, now Fergie wants it too. I have two very happy Senior dogs….Penny Detroit
ACES Another Chance for English Setters By the way no one will sit in the back seat!!! It’s a zoo. I love it.Another chance for me to love too.

Penny from MI