Our daughter, Julianna, begged us for a dog when she was 13 or so. She had done her research and wanted to adopt a retired greyhound. We drove 2 hours to the greyhound rescue shelter in Rock Island, Ill. What a “candy store” it was to her. She of course wanted them all but she settled on a 2 y.o brindle/white lady. After going through the procesd which included a hoem visit to okay our home and fenced yard, Felicia joined our family. What a dog she is. The most docile relaxed breed I have ever been around.

Felecia and Jules were often at the local nursing home spending time where her grandfather resided. Everyone loved Felicia there. When Jules graduated from high school she wanted to somehow sneak Felicia and now her rescued cat, Kit, to her college dorm in Columbia Missouri. These 2 pets kept me from suffering from the empty nest syndrome. But whenever Jules came home, how she wanted her pets with her. Jules missed her animals and couldn’t come to Iowa much because she is on an athletic scholarship with the University of Missouri in Columbia and her time isn’t her own. However, all was not lost. In May, Jules moved into a house in an quiet established neighborhood. She put up a fence, paid a pet deposit and her pets, which now included a munchkin cat, Franklin, also moved to Columbia. Unfortunately I suffered my empty nest syndorme a little late but have since welcomed 2 Burmese kittens, Thelma and Millie, into our home.

The point of my story really is that anyone looking for the perfect dog for children, a retired greyhound is the way to go. What a wonderful temperment this breed has. Extremely tolerant. Very obedient. A greyhound is truly the couch potatoe in the canine world. Whenever I had come home from work, there she was on the couch. All she needed was the remote.
Felicia, Kit and Franklin all live the good life now with Julianna.

Jerri from Iowa