Farley is my 14 year old granddog, and he is everything you could ever want in a pet.  He belongs to my son, Barry, and I have never seen such love, respect, loyalty and admiration between a pet and his owner.  Actually, I do not know if Barry owns Farley or Farley owns Barry!

When my son married, Farley fell in love right along with Barry and gladly accepted a woman’s touch in the home.  They now have a baby, and Farley has adapted, beautifully, to the roll of a much ‘older’ brother.

Last spring Farley was very sick.  Barry and the vet did everything they knew to do, but Farley did not respond.  With pain and agony, Barry asked the vet to put Farley down.  The vet asked Barry to wait 48 more hours and see if there was a change.   During the wait, an alert went out about the contaminated dog food, and Farley’s food was on the list!  After much suffering, Farley miraculously recovered.

Watching Farley age is very difficult.  He can barely hear, he is nearly blind and he has some difficulty with his hips, yet, he still seems happy and content. When he was young, he would never tire of retrieving.  Now, if you throw the ball more than twice, he will hide it in his paws and go back to sleep.

This precious dog has made his mark on our whole family.  We all realize that, in the not too distant future, Farley will no longer be with us, but that is just too painful to think about now.  We will just love him and appreciate having him one day at a time.

Joy from Atlanta

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  1. Tatum Says:

    Farley is a fine looking Dog. Beautiful! Dogs are not like any other pet. I love all the Animals and think God has a very special place for Dogs. They don’t just pass away. I think they will be waiting for us in Heaven. I’m sure they will be.