Eternal Rest

I’m a nurse (formerly in Republican political media work) who does both critical care and home care/hospice. I’ve had a dog and/or cat since I was a year old. I’ve been following your Sprite story on the radio, and just purchased the book. It will be read and re-read and placed in the vast library we have at home of must-keep books, and will be among many we have about animals, both here and the here-after.

Saw you on H&C tonight, and it felt almost like a personal intrusion into your grief, still felt. Thank you for being on and Sean definitely shared your grief – one of my patients saw the program as I was caring for her, and she is a DEVOUT lover of her animals…they help immensely to heal and to aid when nothing man can do, will ever do. Most of my patients want their animals right with them during illness, esp. those that are terminal, and I’ll stop at nothing to make that happen, in-patient or not.

I’ve put many of my own to eternal rest, knowing I will see them again, and I have, even before I “get there.” To say an animal has no soul is to miss the divine grace of God, because they have unconditional love and spirit that we humans just haven’t mastered, no matter how hard we try. They always believe in us, and are devastated when we turn away from them. I volunteer with Best Friends out of Kanab, Utah, which is an amazing organization. My husband and I plan our retirement future and current vacations around trips out West to be around them and help. I help with placements in good homes in my area of animals they’ve rescued. Local groups here do not go unaided – we live under our means so that we can leave something behind for the animals and do much now to help foster, etc. We currently have 5 kids – 2 shelter labs and 3 shelter cats, all living quite well. My only rule is complete cleanliness of the home and if the dogs could, they’d run the vacuum for me, they’re so grateful. Our lives are happily built around their needs – lotsa walks, playing ball and nights by the chiminea fireplace outside.

Thank you for opening this part of your life – I’ve always viewed as the hard-nosed lawyer, but have loved you since Rush introduced you to us years back. You’ll see Sprite again, and he will be a young, healthy dog when you do, full of kisses of thanks for giving him a life of love.

Thanks for all you do, Mark.

Lisa from Ohio