Eric, Molly, Honey

I have been a dog lover since my early childhood and over my 50 years of life I have been adopted and lost several dogs. Eric, my first child was a full blood German Shepherd that I raised from birth and due to many family moves I had to give him up but still visited him until I was informed of his death. Now I have Molly, a Beagle/Spaniel that was given to me and Honey, a Pit Bull that was given to me by a friend at work. Honey is a hyperactive snuggler and Molly is also a loving puppy of 10+ years. Both are extremely affectionate and have adopted me and given me so many fun times. Molly’s time is short and her passing will be a hard time. Honey, hopefully will fill that gap when it happenes but nonetheless, Molly will be missed beyond measure. I cannot read minds, but I can see by the actions of Molly and Honey that there is a love that is really unconditional and complete.

Jon from KY