My dear mark..You hve really touched my heart. I am a regular listener, even though I am canadian I find your radio station brillant, right on point..I am especially moved by your love for your dear friend sprite and the the love and compassion you show to your pets, is a winderful thing. Dogs give us so much without asking for much back..awalk,a secial treat a good rub. I am sitting hear listening to your nov1st download, you are playing your are so beautiful to me . Tears are streaming down my cheeks…


My story is one of love,strength and sadness. I have a very dear friend, her name is ebby, she is a dalmation a real sweet heart loves people especially kids. She is12yrs old. Last summer I became deathly ill ffrom necrotizing faciitis(flesh eating disease)I spent 4 days in the icu and was given a 10% chance of surving I had surgeries that removed most of the flesh from my abdomen.. I truly believe the reason I am alive today is because of ebby, don’t get me wrong I have a loving and caring husband and sons. My husband bought ebby to the hospital to see me even at my worst time, one time they even allowed her to spend the night laying beside me . I found out later when I was a bit better that they thought I wdn’t make it through the night. I believe she gave me the strength to keep fighting. I owe her so much, my deep sadness is that she is dying of heart faulure and kidney disease. I know her days are numbered.I feel so helpless that I can’t help her like she helped me and continues to this day to help me recover.Everyday she keeps me smiling with asking nothing in return.I don’t know how when the day comes to put her down how I will get through it., but I will and I have to be there for her . like she was for me in my hour of need. I certainly owe her that much. I will buy your book mark.I know your book will give me the strength, and help me cope with what so many people have to go through when you bring a pet into your life.. You said it so well today in a quote from your book ‘Time is always to short with the ones you love ‘ Thanks in advance Friend God bless you.


Susy from Canda