Earl Green

Earl Green was a rescued Greyhound. Rescued by my Wife and me. Earl had ran and ran and ran. When we brought him home the first day he was very thin (ribs showing) with crate scars on his hind legs and tummy. Over time, he filled out and soon became a wonderful dog. We all loved him. He was one of us. On November 9th, Earl jumped off our front steps (something he had done millions of times) and reptured two discs in his back. His entire back half was instantly paralized. He pulled himself around with his front legs, screaming in pain. We rushed him to the Pet ER and the doctors said the only thing they could do was a 5K operation with no guarentee. He was in fantastic pain. They started him on a morphene drip to help, but we knew what had to be done. With my wife and me holding his head and gently brushing his legs, his panting slowly stopped as his big black eyes slowly closed.I gently wiped his tears, and closed his long mouth. I whispered, “It’s ok Bud. I’ll see you soon. Wait for me, I’ll be there.” We had Earl only three years. He was six years old. I feel the pain everyday, almost constant. We had Earl cremated. He lives in our hearts every hour of the day. Nothing will be the same without him. He was one in a million.

Thanks Mark..
Steve from MD