Submission: A true story about my Boston Terrier the night he died.

Last night was a very sad time for me. It was just a matter of time until Dusty, my companion for over 15 years, would go to the great dog house in the sky. It appears that he became disoriented and drifted onto the road, far away though still in front of his domain. He was laying at the edge of the road when my daughter found him, apparently hit by an automobile.
I was dreaming last night and awoke quite dazzled and came directly to my computer and started typing what I was experiencing. It seems as if Dusty were talking to me and this is what he said.

Dear Dr. Man:
Never have I been disrespectful to you. I never called you Doctor Man before, because I thought that would be disrespectful for me to do that. I always thought of you as my master; however, now, I feel that have earned the right to call you what everyone else calls you. So, Doctor Man, I love you and have from the first time my puppy eyes saw you.

Oh yes, I remember the first time I saw you as you came driving into that lady’s yard in the largest truck I have ever seen. I had no idea that you were coming to look at puppies. And, if you were, I thought you would be disappointed when you found out that there was only one puppy remaining out of that litter of Boston Terriers and that I sure did not have the classic markings of my brothers and sisters. My hopes of being selected, have been dashed so many times, and there was no reason to think that this time would be any different.
When you got out of that beautiful white truck, I could not believe my eyes. Here was a man walking on four legs like I do. God, that is my kind of person. I would have never thought in my life that such a person existed. When you started talking to the lady who bred us, you did not notice that I sneaked up to you, sniffed your shoes, checked out your odor, looked at how tall you were, and at the smile you had on your handsome face. I wished, with all my little thumping heart, that you would just get down to my level somehow, pat my back, scratch my tail, you know, the things all dogs like, and at least let me know that you knew I was there.
You did none of those things and my little puppy heart started to sink, lower and lower, as you talked. Then, I saw you stick your hand into your pocket and pull out some folding money and my heart started to beat wildly. Oh no! Is he? Is he? Yes, yes, yes. You handed her some money. I couldn’t believe it! Was I really going to go home with you? Were you going to be my master? How will I ever get up into that big beautiful truck? I recall you walking towards your truck and opening the door and placing your crutches inside. The lady walked towards me and picked me up and she headed for your truck and my little heart could hardly stand the excitement.
The first time you held me in your big, strong, gentle hands, you could not notice the tiny tears flowing from my eyes, kinda like the ones flowing from your eyes right now. I can see them Doctor Man, and I know they are not tears of sadness, but ones of happiness for all the good times we shared these past fifteen years. When you held me and kissed my little ugly puppy smelling face, I was so excited that I thought I was going to pee on you. What would you have thought of your new little friend if I had done that?
When we were both safely in your truck and when I heard the motor start for the first time, I was frightened. Wondering, what is all that noise? Where is he taking me? How is it that I feel as if I am moving and my little shaking legs are not moving at all? I was so scared that I ran and hid under your seat.
You reached down and comforted me with those gentle little pats on my head, and I felt much better knowing you did not forget about me, hiding under your seat. It seemed like I was there for hours and then I felt the truck stop and heard the joyful giggles of a little girl. As the truck door opened, to my surprise, I saw someone a little more my size, a little people. When she saw me peeping from under your seat, she gently slid her little girlie fingers under me and the next thing I knew I was kissing, lapping the face of a little angel and I was being hugged and kissed in return. Hmmm, this must be some kind of dog heaven I have been taken to.
Through the following years, some filled with laughter and some filled with tears, you taught me all kinds of games and I can tell you now, I always let you win. It did not matter to me who won. I was truly thankful for all the love and admiration you always showered on me. Except, of course, for the times I messed on one of your floors. You know that I could not help it any of those times. Think of the times you could not make it to a bathroom in time. I did not ever think of sticking your nose in it. Doc, you were a trip, and I really enjoyed each one of them with you.
We traveled all over the place in search of all types of antiques. I never really questioned your judgment; however, I can tell you now, those things always looked like junk to me. However, I must admit, you were an artist with wood. and I am proud to have ridden shotgun with you.
Now, Doctor Man, go ahead and cry for a little while, that’s OK. But remember, there are other people and animals out there who need you. I am at a higher level now. Remember, every time you start that beautiful truck of yours, just call out my name as you have for years, “Dusty, Dusty, come on boy, we’re ready to go, ” and I will be there with you….. forever. Your faithful companion who accepted you unconditionally and non-judgementally


Anthony from PA