Doogie, Pudge, Jet and Bucky

I finished reading Mark’s book about 2 weeks ago. My heart was uplifted to see another human being love his animal like we do ours. We have 4 dogs. Their names are Doogie, Pudge, Jet and Bucky. We rescued Bucky (a cocker spaniel) from a shelter around October 1, 2007. Today, November 22, 2007, we had to rush Bucky to the vet. Just as in Mark’s book, he collapsed and started going into convulsions. The vet just called and said that he has a rare bacterial infection in his intestines. With proper medication, he hopefully will pull through. I can not believe that I am going through what Mark described in his book regarding Sprite. I also am having surgery in January on my foot due to problems with planta fascia. I wanted to tell Mark that his book is helping me through this time with Bucky. Although, I have only had him, for a month and a half, I feel like he has been in our family forever. I want to thank Mark for having the courage to write this book. I am truly greatful!!!!!!!!

Stephane from FL