Her name is Donner. No, not the party that perished in the mountain, but a version of the name of the reindeer as said by my Texan husband.
She came to us at age five weeks and was the prettiest little yellow lab I had ever seen. She was a Christmas gift to my husband but she soon became the love of everyone who ever met her. God allowed her to stay with us for 13 years. On the day she died, I was sick. Odd, since I am never sick but I was that day. Sick enough to stay on the couch. I asked my husband to take her for her final evening walk. When they didn’t come back I wondered where they were but was too sick to check on them. The next thing I know, my husband comes in the back door carrying Donner. She was dying. We laid her on her rug and I screamed “Donner, stay with me girl. Don’t leave me”. She looked at me, and died.
We wrapped her in a blanket and put her in her favorite spot.
The next morning we took her to the vet (I don’t remember why) and everyone at the vet’s office started crying. She was so loved by all. The vet said to me “there is something strange going on here. Donner is still warm. It’s like even now she is not wanting to leave you.” When I told him how her death had gone, he told me “that’s also strange. Donner died of a heart attack. Usually that is immediate. But she lived long enough to tell you goodby. Strange.”

Donner is now buried under a 150 native Texas pecan. My husband built a casket and we buried her like the true queen she was; with her bowls, her toys, her rug and blanket and a bucket of food.

Donner knew only the best in people. She never barked, never growled at even little kids that would tug on her. She was truely a rare dog. And I miss her even now. But I know that she is waiting for us to join her. She is prepares a place for us. And brings the angels joy.

JeanneĀ  from Texas