Dogs Are My Obsession

From one dog lover to another. Dogs are my obsession. I cannot fathom not having a dog in my life. I grew up in a home that always had dogs or cats, and quite often, both. About 15 years ago, I adopted a husky/sheltie mix from the Denver Dumb Friends League in CO. I drove trucks then, so he was my companion on the road. He then had to readjust to a more “normal” lifestyle when I quit driving, and started working a “normal” job. He remained by my side through a move to TX, and put up with me bringing more dogs into our lives. After 9 years of companionship, he passed away suddenly. 11 months later, I lost a Malamute/Sheperd/Timberwolf mix named Nikita. Words cannot describe the pain inside, and only another “pet owner” (I prefer the term companion over pet), truly unerstands the pain of losing one of our beloved adopted family members. Despite the agony of the loss, I still share my life with dogs. Currently I have two Great Pyrenees, and recently rescued a Great Dane from the side of the road. Dogs are a special gift to Man. They teach us to love, even when we’ve had the worst day ever. They teach us loyalty when we think that we are all alone. They also teach us to never judge another, simply by their looks. Ultimately, dogs show us how to find happiness from the simplest things in life.

Bryan from TX