1-When they tell us they love us by licking our hands and giving us their attention.

2-When they show us they are our best pal and uplifts us when we are blue.

3-When they fit in perfectly into every family activity.

4-When they love us as their family and depends on us to return that love.

5-When we know by scratching their heads and rubbing their bellies.

6-When we try to go someplace they will want to go too.

7-When they protect all the family with all their courage and strength.

8-When they crawl upon the couch and cuddles with us.

9-When they ask for love, attention, and care, as the other family members do.

10-When they show their traits, tenets, and personalities.

11-When they joyfully and excitedly go places with the family and enjoys just being with them.

12-When they aren’t perfect but no other family member is either.

13-When they are told they are good puppies and watching their big grins.

14-When they get sick, won’t eat, and slowdown, we feel very bad and worried.

15-When they leave their family for the last time to return no more – it must be done but it is still heartbreaking.

16-When that family member has gone away for good – it hurts so badly, a real loss, we cry alot and miss them oh so much.

Dedicated to Sprite

Jim from Kentucky