Doc, our good buddy

Scott found you as an abandoned and abused puppy. When you were new to us, you would hide your face between my arm and side and stay very still for a few minutes. As your health and confidence grew, that habit faded away and was forgotten.

We shared our lives together for eleven years. You were the least demanding dog we have ever been blessed to live with and love. It was as if you were so thankful to have a home that you didn’t want to be a lot of trouble.

Over the last few months we watched as day by day, life became increasingly difficult for you. One late night, while we were outside, you walked up and hid your face between my arm and side and stayed very still for a few minutes. Memories of your days as a puppy seeking comfort came back to me. I knew what you were saying. Thank you for staying with us as long as you could, for the gift of time to say goodbye. You were giving until the end. Thank you for love, loyalty, and happiness.

Rest in peace good buddy, you will live in our hearts.

Ann and Scott from GA