First of all your a great American sir! I listen to you every night.
Mark, my story is about my little buddy Divot, a jack russell, who my kids were crazy about, of course so was I, from just a puppy he didn’t want dog food but he would eat everything we did, he was very healthy and full of life! one day when I gave him my plate after dinner I watched him eat, he ate the salad first..lol then he ate the vegtables, then the mash potatoes, he saved the meat for last, thinking this was just a fluke, everytime I would feed him I made sure his plate was fixed like mine and he ate it in the same order each time, he saved the best for last and then would come beg for some desert, he was my buddy and my best friend we went everywhere together, he didn’t need a chain he stayed at my side, he loved to get under the covers when it was cold, and thought my pillow was our pillow. I could pat my chest and he jumped into my arms ready to go, he understood commands by just pointing, he knew he wasn’t allowed in the kitchen when we were cooking or eating so he had his little stake out place close by he knew that after we ate he would be taken care of, he liked milk with his dinner.

One day my son came home after he bought a new truck big tires and lifted we lived in the country so Divot had the run of the property, he didn’t recognize the truck coming down the drive way to our house, he ran out to it, barking and didn’t realize the size of the tires and ran under the truck and was ran over by one of the tires, killed him instantly, when my son realized what happen he was on the gorund crying uncontrolably, I heard the wailing and crying from inside the house, when I went outside, my son and I cried in each others arms for the loss life of our little buddy, he was the best, when he was a puppy we got him a little tom cat for a buddy, named Duggie, they grew up together and both went on country walks with us together, they were usally always chasing each other and hanging around with each other if I was working on one of the cars they were under it with me, well after Divot was buried, Duggie must have thought he was lost and went to look for him, Duggie never crossed the big highway, but a week later on 4th of July we found Duggie dead on the highway I picked him up and took him home and buried him next to Divot, I sat by their grave site and just wept, it seems for hours, I miss my little friends, they were buddies their whole life here, Duggie thought he was a dog, he didn’t come to here kittty kitty, but if I whistled or called his name he came running, just like a dog would, This is so hard for me to write about the lost of Divot and Duggie, a week apart from each other, I’m sobbing as I write this, this is first time I have been able to put this in writing. Thank you so much for allowing me to do this, you know I think it is helping me to deal with their loss…
Mr.Levin The Great One..
thank you so much for being our voice of reason and telling the big dopes how we all feel about them trying to tear our country apart!

Jerry from MN