Dino the Dinosaur Saved from Extinction

Dino the Dinosaur Saved from Extinction. That’s what we named our shelter dog. Several years ago we lost Snaps, the heartbeat of our ranch, and my husband insisted that the only way to cure the dead puppy blues was another other puppy. He made a trip to the shelter, and came home with this poor creature who was unadoptable, had been diagnosed with heartworm, and was already on the “short list” to be put to sleep. As soon as he saw him, my husband committed to making Dino’s last days pleasant ones. That was 4 years ago, and he’s still with us today. He was misdiagnosed, and our vet says he’s healthy as a horse. He is without a doubt the most loving 4-legged creature I have every encountered. He greets us with a “smile”, sleeps under the covers at my feet every night, is afraid of thunder and runs to snuggle at the first hint of a storm. He’s getting up in years, and is starting to grey out and slow down, but he still brightens our days.


Diane from FL