I plan to get your wonderful book the next time I go to the local mall. Here is something I wrote several years ago about one of my four legged friends. I hope you enjoy it.


By Chuck Ivie

Longer ago than I care to remember
I had a dog, his name was Digger.

He understood how to taste life
Better than any human I ever knew.

For Digger the world was a place of wonder
Smells, sounds, cool breezes, he savored them all.

He loved to explore, and
He would insist that I join him.

We lived at the edge of the woods
It was his favorite place

As we walked together
He showed me the wonder of
A bit of tree bark.
A wooly bug
A broken birds egg
And the sound of a gentle wind in the pines

And when we were done with our exploration
He would sleep and dream
And so would I

Digger has been gone for a long time
But I can still see him dream
And then so do I.

And sometimes I ask my long gone friend
Where would you like to go today?

Chuck Ivie