In August of 1991 I sustained a traumatic brain injury in an auto accident.
I lived alone and had many fears,saddness, etc. Someone suggested I get a dog since I was vunerable and truthfully I was taken advantage of by people who claimed to be my friends
I called the Humane Society and tearfully told them my situation and explained I had been unable to work since my injury and had no money.

They told me and that there would be no charge because they did not want her put to sleep.
When I picked up Deva I thought she was so ugly that she was beautiful.
Deva was my constant companion. The first night I had her some “friends” came to the house and tried to come in. Deva ran to the front window and barked viciously. These people never came back. Later I heard that word had gotten around I had a vicious pit bull.
Actually Deva looked like a pit bull but she was a lab mix (probably with pit).

Deva would lie with me and knew everything about me. I was labile and she would always do what I needed her to do to help me. I tended to fall alot since although I had learned to walk again I was still unstable. She would guide me or help me after I fell.
Deva sensed people and kept me safe.
She died with cancer December 29, 2006 at age 17. I still cry and miss her so. She was so beautiful to me.
She was my Deva kind, loving, caring and devoted.
She loved people and taught me so much about “just being there”, people, love, and giving. I had to write this to help me continue my grieving process. I still look for a Deva look alike.

Philomena  from OR