Mark – I wanted to tell you about Daisy. She was a precious small bundle of doggie love. She was a bischon frise who was a white fluffy babygirl. She lived for 18 years and I feel selfish for expecting my pain over losing her to have been delayed for even more years than that, but the day finally came when she had to be put down. I held her in my arms, wrapped in her pink baby blanket, as my son drove us to the Vet’s office and I could see that she knew she would not be coming back home again as she lay very quiet and very calm in my arms. I could not deal with saying goodbye to her so my son did the difficult task of being with her to the end as I walked out to the field behind the Vet’s office and waited so that I would not hear any sounds of pain or despair coming from her.In death, she did as in life, by bidding a more compassionate goodbye. The most amazing thing about her was that she taught me things about love that I could have never ever learned any other way.

Grace from Arizona