Danney Boy

Tonight we lost our sweet Danney Boy. When I left the house this morning he was fine and when I returned home later this evening he didn’t greet me at the door. I called him and Sophie led me to her crate where Danney was sleeping. When I called his name he didn’t wake up. When I gently touched him he was still breathing but he didn’t respond. In a panic I rushed him to the emergency hospital. On the way, Danney, the most gentle dog in the world bit me and I knew then that he was really suffering and this would probably be the end of our 17 years together. The Dr. thought he probably had a stroke since it came on so suddenly and that the bite was more out of dementia then his being in pain. I hope that’s true and that he wasn’t in pain. My main concern for Danney in his old age has always been for him to have a good quality of life. Thanks to Dr. Love and her associates, Danney enjoyed at least one extra year. And during that year there were many things he enjoyed. Most of all he loved to cuddle and he loved being outside. Sometimes I’d look out the window and see him skipping around the backyard. But it was obvious tonight that restoring any part of that quality just wasn’t going to happen. Euthanasia seemed the kindest thing to do. I got Danney when he was 10 weeks old and this is a huge loss for me. He was a perfect dog his whole life. He never chewed anything he wasn’t suppose to chew He never had any formal obedience yet he was the best behaved dog I’ve ever had. He was also the most loving and sweet companion anyone could ever hope for. I’m going to miss him terribly but I am consoled knowing that he had a truly wonderful life and no dog was ever loved more. And now there’s no more pain for him and I’m sure right about now he’s running and playing with his beloved sister Cassie.

Cynthia, Sophie & Jake from Texas