This is Daisy and i found her in our local dog pound in 1994 . I got her to be mine but i left her with my father as i was going to do my 2 week training while i was in the national guard. When i came home my father was in love with her so i let him keep her, she was my dads best friend next to my mother. She was a great dog,smart,entertaining, my father was recently retired so the were together all the time,if you seen my dad you also seen Daisy. My father passed away in the spring of 1999, Daisy missed him but tried not to show it my mother and her were even closer then. In November of 2003 my mother took a trip to Arizona to visit a friend, mom always said if something happened to Daisy she did not want to be home for it. I went by the house to check on Daisy, was not her normal self setting in one spot could not move very well, I knew it was time. I laid in the floor with her that thinking of all the time she spent with my father and the times i did not. I petted her for hours just bawling my eyes like a baby.


When i left that night i called my older brother and asked him to take her to the vet, and have her put to sleep, for i could not do it. Mark she was the only thing i had left of my father it hurt me to know end to make that decision for 4 years earlier we had to make the same decision for my father. I know what you went through i am right there with you. God Bless You Mark.


Todd from IL