Czarina and Sprite

I lost the lo ve of my life 2 years ago. Her name was czarina. I still tear up when I think of her. She was my hip & my heart. I was devastated when she passed away at the age of about 15. I could not mention her name for a long time or I would start to tear up and be unable to speak. My new all white Husky is called Sprite. I thought it was an original thought on my part. She is now 2. She has brought me back to life. I still miss Czarina. But I named my business after her.  This the first time I have ever responded to a talk show. Your politics do not interest me, but your humanity does.

Harry from Florida

One Response

  1. Larry Moak Says:

    Harry please don’t take this as an afront, because it is not..

    It is Marks’s Humanity
    That make his politics..