Mark. You have deeply touched me. Last July we lost our faithful Black Lab, Critter. He was such a dear friend and I still can’t speak of him without tears in my soul. Such a wonderful life and then, brain seizures. My god, how horrible and painful that was. He went blind and lost control of his legs. He couild not find his way. We tried every known possible way to help him. It didn’t work. I used to lay all night long with him in my arms and he would sigh and feel safe. It was the only time he seemed at peace. One day he ran into a fence he couldn’t see and couldn’t find a way out. He sat there and cried. He never complained. I knew then it was time. I called my good friend the vet and he came out immediately and I held him in my arms and told him I loved him and then he was gone. It was ripping my heart out. To this day, over a year later I am at such a loss without him. He made my life better. His presence is all ways with me. God love you Mark.

Jack from Florida