I have been listening to the dog stories over the last few days and figured I would share Cory’s story.

My Mom and Dad had two Collies (Clancy & Samantha) which they bread for puppies. They are not show dogs or anything like that. My parents just have a true love for the breed. I am 36 and my Mom has a picture of me lying in the driveway when I was around 8 using one of our Collies as a pillow.

So when we found out that Samantha was going to have puppies we were all excited. I was 23 at that time and figured I could handle having a puppy on my own. (I had no idea how expensive they are the first year!) I could not wait to pick out MY PUPPY!

I remember the day that Cory was born quite vividly. My wife (girlfriend at the time) had walked up the backed steps and opened the door and screamed “There is a rat on the floor!!!!” and she hightailed it down the steps like she was an Olympic Hurdler. I got a closer look and laughed at her and said “That’s not a rat! It’s a puppy!!” Thus began our journey. My brother and I proceeded to build a whelping box so Sammy could have the rest of the litter. We immediately got on the phone with our vet whom we had used for many, many years. He walked us through the birthing processes and assisted when we needed to. Dr. Dorney would tell us every time he saw us that he remembers our frantic call to him for help. He got quite a kick out of us and how we were so scared/worried/ exhilarated all at the same time. I smile just thinking about that day.

Cindy and I picked Cory out when he was about 3 weeks old. He was so easy to train and just a great all around dog. He did not chew or bark like a maniac. I was so proud of my training skills but now I realize it was the dog and not me. Cory was our baby like so many other people feel about there pets. He had a bed in every room and wanted for nothing. Cory never met a pillow he did not love to lay on. He had pillow radar. If you were lying on the couch and one fell on the floor he would promptly get up, walk over to the pillow and lay down on it. Apparently he was thinking to himself “well aren’t they nice. They left that pillow on the floor just for me”. He could be dead asleep and hear a pillow drop and next thing you know he’s laying on top of it.

Anyway, Cory developed liver problems when he was 6 and we also found out that he had neurological problem in his rear that caused him no pain but every now and again he would be walking on the TOP side of his hind paw. He could not feel it so he had no idea that it was a problem. Well, as the years went on his legs got worse but luckily it was happening very slowly. We were not sure if he would make it to Texas to have a yard of his own. But he did and was very much happy to be the king of the castle. He spent 2 ½ great years with us in our new home and state.
It seemed to happen so fast…One week he was ok and the next week he just could not get his back legs under him. This was horrible because Cory was a pacer. He would pace around the house until he felt like lying down. I was not prepared to make any life or death decisions. My wife and I were looking at each other knowing we would have to make the hardest decision we have ever had to make.

A week went by and it came to the point where Cory was just whimpering all night long because he could not get up. My wife and I spent the night next to Cory crying and telling him how much we loved him. I have known Cory since the day he took his first breath of air. He actually fit in the palm of my hand. How do you say goodbye to a dog who has shared so many experiences with you, a dog who only knew you as his master. The 12 years went by so fast, too fast. I thought about all of the times I took him for granted and kicked myself for not spending more time with him. He truly was a great dog. He loved everyone. Whenever the kids wanted to pet him he would just lie down and soak up all of the attention. He was one of a kind.

The day we put Cory down was the saddest day of my life. I truly had not experienced any losses that close to me to date. I remember balling in front of the doctor asking him if I was doing the right thing. Is there anything we could do to make him better? I already knew the answer but I felt so helpless. I really wanted to Cory to tell me that it was OK. That he knew we loved him and that it was his time to go. Why couldn’t he just speak!!! I know that sounds stupid but that’s how I felt.

I am a faithful Christian and truly feel that while the Bible does not directly talk about dogs going to heaven I will see Cory again. I know my God can do anything he wants and he surly would love to have a dog like Cory.

We have a new dog that we adopted from a rescue and while she is great, she’s not Cory. Bu we are learning that he was one of a kind and Cory set the expectation so high it just might nor be possible for another dog to ever reach it.

I know your grief and loss. It does get easier each day and we have started talking about all of the good times we had with Cory. He well always be in my mind I know if there are pillows in heaven he is lying on one right now.

Jamie from TX