I lost my Furever Friend, Copper, last Dec to bone cancer and having her and losing her has changed my life forever.
She was truly a kid with fur. I have read that if you talk to your dog like you would a human it can have the mentality of a 6-8 year old, and a vocabulary of several hundred words. I know this is true. Copper just could not talk with words.
i will miss her forever. I loved Rescuing Sprite…It was so amazing and it will help so many people who will have to make the most devistating decision of their lives. We all belong to a club that no one wants to belong to and certainly would not join if we had a choice.

I am going to go through this site and read all about all of these Furry Angels.
Check out www.critters.com if you have a chance…it is a wonderful support system for we “mom’s and dad’s” of these Furever Friends.

Carol from ND