Conrad, Casey

Our family lost our beloved Cock-a-poo, Conrad, in 2002 shortly after he turned 15. We’d had him since he was 6 weeks old and adopted him from a shelter the day before he was scheduled to be put to sleep. A couple of weeks after our boy died, my mom and I were in a local Pet Smart, which was having an adopt-a-thon. While there, we spotted the most beautiful Chow Mix — a cinnamon red princess of a girl with the brightest brown eyes I’ve ever seen. It was love at first sight! While filling out the paper work that would enable us to take our Casey home, we learned a little bit about her history. About six months prior to her coming into our lives, she was beaten up and thrown out of a car by the man who “owned” her. Folks who were in a car behind them saw what was happening and picked her up after she was thrown out. Casey endured two surgeries for the injuries she received and was under the care of our local animal protection league when we took her home.
Today, she is an extremely spoiled and happy 6 year old who is always there with “Casey hugs and kisses” when I come home from work! She enjoys numerous tummy rubs and scratches and playing with her favorite toy, a stuffed frog.

Julie from VA


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  1. Carol A Says:

    You are truly Blessed Julie…what a happy life your Furry kid will have now that he has found you…He is BEAUTIFUL.