Mark – this is Mark. I have been unable to call you and share about my Coffee. She was almost identical in color and size to your Spite. I had no idea until I saw the web picture. I sat there with tears running down my face like the night I lost my special friend to a hit and run driver. I blamed myself for taking my eye off of here for just a second. I also looked at my friend and apologized for letting her down. For not protecting her when she needed it most. It was horrible. I am so sorry for your loss. Yet, after a time I rescued Ginger, a frail Irish Setter. She had no idea how to eat, how to behave and was afraid of everything. That was 36 months ago. She is now healthy and well, and the delight of my life. I have several kids who never contact me because they are too busy – but Ginger simply goes ga-ga when I come home. She has saved me 1000 times. I will always remember my Coffee – she helped me through a terrible divorce and my honorable retirement from the Navy.
I defined myself by being a father, a husband, and career sailor. When these were all gone – I drifted alone and depressed, then I got Coffee. She was there all the time for my moods and my tears.
After her loss – I knew what I had to do…but I hated the thought of “replacing her”. Ginger has picked up where my wonderful saving Coffee left off. Thank You Sir, I listen every day, sorry I could not make it through a phone call…it’s tough.
God Bless you and your family Mark,
Mark from Florida