Mark, I don’t have a dramatic story, but I do want to say my Miniature Schnauzer, Cody, is my angel, and he’s the best therapy I’ve ever had. I love to wake up in the morning to see my little dog, and I cannot wait to get home from work at night so I hug and kiss him. He is cute and sweet and very loving. My husband and I don’t have kids, and he is our child. We spoil him rotten. He is my first dog, and I cannot figure out how I made it all of these years without a companion like him. I have a two-legged “Love of My Life,” and a four-legged “Love of My Life.” My husband understands this too — he loves Cody as much as I do.

Mark, love your show, and I love hearing about your love of dogs. Keep it coming!

Sheila from Florida