Coco and Henry

Mark, Here’s a system I’ve been using for the past 9 years. It’s a system that you or any dog owner can and SHOULD use. I own two amazing chocolate Labs. Coco and Henry. Every day when I wake up and see them I remind myself of how lucky I am to have them. Throughout the day, if they do something to make me smile or laugh I again remind myself how lucky I am. I also remind myself that they will not be there forever. There will be a day that I won’t be able to give thanks for having them. I remind myself that they are being LENT to me by a higher power who wants to make my life on earth easier and more enjoyable. One day they will be gone. I just want to be sure that I acknowledge and remind myself how much better MY life has been because they are here. Not forever, I know, but for NOW!

Fred from Nevada