I had to put my cat down this morning. His name was Cirrus and he was solid white. He was remarkably healthy for almost all of his 13 1/2 years. He was loyal to me, almost as much as a dog. He always answered when I called him by name.He always greeted me when I came home. He jealously guarded my study when I was away, which was our room. He came into my life when I was 29 years old at a particularly low point in my life. Now I’m 41. I have a wife, son and most imporntantly, I have Christ in my life. But this morning, this little white cat is no longer with me and I feel devastated. I already miss those simple moments which are easy to overlook on a daily basis. Cirrus was always with me every night when I listened to The Great One on my PC in my study. I can relate to what Mark says over the guilt over not being able to do more for Cirrus. After listening to Mark tell his story about Sprite for the past few weeks, I knew that one day I would have to make the same decision for Cirrus some day. I didn’t think it would have to be so soon. This year has been incredibly difficult. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately it was caught early and she is in good health and her outlook is very good. We shall miss this spirited, playful cat whose loyalty will never forgotten.

Gene from Kentucky