Mark I would like to share my story with you. I was never a cat person. One day My wife Nancy, & I were at a block long garage sale, when some of the children on the block were playing with a small cat. The children explained to us although they fed her & played with her she needed a home. Well, my wife fell in love with her & we rescued cinnamon from the streets of delaware to a home in n.j. Cinnamon must have known she would have to win me over & it didn’t take long at all. She would greet me whenever I came home from work, day or night. She would sit & wait till I was finished eating & then jump up on my lap.Cinnamon would lay on my stomach & rest her head on my chest & before you know it she would be purring & I would be snoring her paw in my hand This was 13years ago. My beloved little girl got sick& the vet said there wasn’t much she could do for her. I had to make the hardest decision in my life. To put my little girl to sleep. my wife & I were both there & I held her paw for the last time. My sorrow & grief led be to cry like a baby. She will be loved & remembered forever for the love & comfort she brought us.

Joe from NJ