My dog, Ciara, was first my cousin’s dog. But when she got married and moved overseas, she couldn’t take Ciara with her. So I offered to foster her until I could find her a home. Needless to say, Ciara is now part of my family. She and her two feline brothers are the best gifts a person could ever ask for. Ciara is the “enforcer” in our house-when the boys fight, she breaks it up, when one of them sneaks out of the house, she goes after them and herds them to a spot where I can get them. She has been there for me when I got a divorce, when I’ve been studying for grad school and when I’ve needed a friend. She loves to chase her ball (and her brother Comet too) and loves to tromp in the rain. She’s the first one to greet me and the one to tuck me in at night. I am thankful every day that I have her and I wouldn’t know what to do without her!

Jennifer from MD