I was a volunteer at the ASPCA for 10 years and I have loved animals all my life. This story is about the dog of a friend in the building where I grew up in Manhattan. His name was Churchill (a sheepdog husky mix). I walked Churchill and took care of him often as I did for a few of the animals in the building, but what was different about Chuchill (other than that he was the only dog I cared for) was that he always showed me great affection whenever I would come to see him. Also Churchill, like his human, Dana, was ill a lot. Also there was just the two of them. Chuchill was Dana’s whole family. She rescued him from a shady situation in which he ended up getting abandoned when he was young. He had a way of greeting me that Dana said he greeted me in a way that was different than how he greeted any one else; he would stick his nose rirght in between my legs. I wasn’t crazy about this greeting but I figured since this is how dogs greet eachother I took it as a compliment. He was a very large and very loving dog. He got along very well with pretty much all animals and all people; all of the doormen in the building loved to pet him as much as he loved being petted. I love Churchill too; he died several years ago and I still miss him. At the end of his life he got very sick and was in the hospital. They were very nice there and let Dana spend Chuchill’s last night by his side. He was a very special dog.


Lauren From NY