This is Chloe. She was picked from a litter of 6, at 8 weeks old. She and her siblings had been surrendered to the Humane Society. Having just lost a dog, I was NOT interested in going through the heartache of loving and losing another dog. I ONLY had gone to the Humane Society to get my “doggy fix” by volunteering to walk any dogs that were available to walk.

There was this litter of puppies that had just come in, so naturally, I had to check them out. Each one was cuter than the next….wiggly, licking, biting…There was one who had this little pointy head and just nuzzled my neck…….That was it!!! This pup is coming home with me!!.

That was on a Saturday…..Please believe me that by Sunday night, she was pretty well housebroken. HONEST!!!

The ONLY mischief she ever got into was to grab the end of the toilet paper and run throughout the house leaving a 250 sheet trail of TP……The was NOT a chewer. AND..oddly enough, she loved to bet close and to have you pet her, BUT, she did not like to be held . She would wiggle and do everything to get free.
Over the next 16 years, she would , literally, bring trash to the house that would blow into the yard. She loved to play “frisbee”….and just become the best friend tio my kids, and myself.

Since her passing in 2000, she is STILL missed very much. She is truly irreplaceable.


Bob from MI