Chloe and Grace

Mark, I just heard about your book and I will run out today and purchase this book for my wife and I. We are a professional couple that does not have any children, well human children anyway. We have been blessed with two wonderful dogs. A Golden Retriever named Chloe, and a rescue dog, Grace, that is a Golden and Brittney mix.
They are the best things in our life. Jobs, cities, homes, etc. all change but there is this constant in our lives, the dogs. They are always happy to see us, they always are willing to accompany us for a coffee, or lunch at their favorite restaurant (it is a French owned bistro that are liberal with the rules for having dogs on the outside balcony). They are always in for a good romp in the park and lets not forget the drive to the beach, their favorite place in the world. Chloe is a great surfer, with out a board. Grace, although she is a water dog by definition, is a terrible swimmer. Her desire to get the tennis ball however drives her into water over her head. It is the most hilarious thing you ever saw. Her thrashing the water into submission not realizing that she can float. LOL. When we are out there with the dogs, nothing else matters, not work, money, the weather, politics, absolutely nothing.
We also had two cats, I know a real zoo. We just, this past weekend, went through the same ordeal you did with Sprite. She was 18 years old and had a very good life but her kidney failure got the best of her and we had to have her put to sleep on Saturday. Her partner, Mistere, the remaining cat, misses her as much as we do. She ran the house, including the dogs. I have never seen a cat, at 9 pounds, that could control a 2 Goldens, but she did. We will miss her dearly.
It was very difficult and I dread the day that is coming with the dogs sometime in the future. We will read your book and although I am sure it will be an emotional read, I hope it better prepares us for the future day that will certainly arrive much sooner than I want it to, no matter how much I wish it not to.
We wish you and your family the very best and we truly understand the love people can have for their pets. To some it may seem foolish but we certainly do not think so. We wish you the best of luck, keep up the good work on your show, and maybe in the future you will come to a place where you can enjoy again the love of man’s best friend.

William from California

Grace and Chloe