I was so involved in hearing your story of Sprite and putting him to sleep that I cannot remember driving home from work tonight. I just put our Boykin Spaniel, Chloe, to sleep after discovering a huge tumor of the spleen and liver. She was 13 and adored by all of us. The vet gave me the diagnosis in the morning and we agreed to put her to sleep at 4:00 in the afternoon. She told me to be back at the vet with my husband but go home and love her and give her anything she wanted. I did just that – fixed her a pimento cheese sandwich, a hershey bar and a small amount of ice cream. She was thrilled and then we lay on the floor and cried and cried until we took her to the vet. It was very peaceful, private and dignified. We went back later to pick up her ashes and then the vet sent us a wonderful children’s style book called Dog Heaven by Cynthia Ryland. All the staff wrote a personal message in the book – it meant so much. Tell your wife, Kendall, hello for me. She sold my stationery for years (Kiddie Kards). I so enjoy hearing you with Sean Hannity. You have inspired me to get another dog.

Beverly from GA