Hi Mark, I want to share with you the story of my best friend Chico. Chico was a chihuahua about 5 lbs, hair as white as snow and you could always tell when he was most happy because he would seem to smaile at you. I got Chico as my first real pet, sure we had animals all my life but none of them were mine. I had some surgery done and was sleeping on the coutch when my mother came in and woke me and said,”Get son, we are going to get you your very own puppy”. Words cant discribe my emotions that night, I was happy, I felt a since of releif from the pain of surgery, I could’nt wait to go find my dog. I brought Chico home and he even though he was just a small pup he sat by my side while I got over my illness, everyday.

Chico and I grew together for the next two years and could not have been better friends. Then it happend, my two labs had attact poor little Chico one afternoon, breaking six of his ribs, fracturing his spine, and left him to die. My mother found him under some bushes crying for help, and then she called me. I came home as fast as I could to find Chico on the floor crying out of pain with every breath he took. when saw me come through the door it was like all pain had left his body, his tail wag a few times but i could see it in his eye that he was ready to go. I took him to the vet where they told me his chance of survival was low, and that they would try everything to save him. I sat in the waitng roon while they gave him some pain killers and they walked me back to see him. I held his little head in my hands and told him he was safe and that I would see him really soon. Later that day the phone rang, it was my mother, and she said painfully,”Son chico did not make it”. It was the hardest day of my life, I cried for houres and houres for my loss. I have come to terms with my labs and understand that its the nature of the beast and that i must go on with my life and keep chico close to my heart.
Thank you mark for all that you do,

Tyler from GA