Chica and Sapphire

I haven’t read the book yet, Rescuing, and it sounds like a great book to read. I’m an animal lover, specially dogs. I have two, that I have adopted, a Chihuahua, named Chica, and a little Yorkie, named Sapphire. They fill my heart with unconditional love. I love them to death. I know what it is to put a loving dog to sleep. I had Brandy, a Cockerspaniel for 13 years. The last year of her life her health started to deteriorate. It was very sad to see a loved one suffer, specially doggies, who can’t said how they feel. My husband and I made her as comfortable as possible before she passed. I had a private cremation for her. I have her ashes still. I’m contemplating buring her ashes when I plant an avocado tree in my back yard. I haven’t found the courage to do it yet. It’s been seven months since she passed, and I still miss her. On the very day that I picked up her ashes I was heart broken. The vet told me that my doggie Brandy would be happy, if I gave a home to a small Yorkie, named Sapphire. I told the vet that I wasn’t ready for that yet, but as it turns out, he told me to wait and see the doggie. She needs a good home and you’re a terrific mom to your doggies. As soon as I saw Sapphire, we both fell in love. I brought her home seven months ago, and I think that it was a good decision. It helped me mend my broken heart. I don’t know how to download the pictures at the moment. I’ll do so in the future.

Leonor from FL