Hi Mark, yesterday was the first time I heard your words about Sprite. I cried the whole time I listened as you told of the emotion of losing someonw who loves you unconitionally. I am 50 years old and most of my life have owned dogs. In July,2006 I had to put my Chewy to sleep. He had a bad athritic condition, according to his vet, the worst condition he ever saw when he opened the leg up to “repair it”. I used to wish if it got real bad he would go on his own and I never ever would have to be the one to make that decision.
The day I had the vet come and do it, I was told to hold him and tell him I loved him and could not. All I could do was hold him and cry for what I was about to lose. I read a sympathy card about a losing a pet in a store a short time ago and the few short words said it all..nobody will ever look at you with that look of unconditional love as your pet does. How true is that…take care Mark and no along the rest of your journey without Sprite he is still in your heart.

Debbie from Illinois