Cherubim & Seraphim

A case for euthanizing. We were gifted with sibling kittens in the early 90’s. With my husband’s help, we chose the
names Cherubim & Seraphim. (yes I do know they are plural and the cats were singular. Seraphim ate a rat that had been poisoned. He survived several years but then started to get Protein Toxicity due to his kidney’s shutting down.
The Vet said he didn’t want to ruin my holiday by putting him down since I was a pile of tears. I took him home. He died on Easter but it took him 16 hours to die. He fought it all the way. I would have rather had the Vet put him to sleep
with me there. Mark, I think you did the right thing by having the Vet come out.

Cheryl from CA