Chemo for owner and dog

I wanted to share a story about my niece Debbie and her chocolate cocker Ernie. They have been undergoing chemo simultaneously, Debbie for breast cancer and Ernie for lymphoma. Debbie recently finished her chemo but Ernie, predicted to live until only last Jan, continues receiving experimental dosages weekly that have kept him lively and well. I believe God has kept little Ernie with us to help Debbie, 45 years old, through her recent double mastectomy, chemo, and soon, reconstruction surgery.

You see Debbie is a dog angel who has worked with cocker spaniel rescue tirelessly for many, many years. She has fostered many dogs until she found them good homes and has also adopted a few herself and gave them the love and nurturing they didn’t previously have, since many were abused or abandoned, until they left this earth. I can’t tell you how many tears have come from her beautiful blue eyes and warm heart.

Debbie currently has Ernie and Dudley, another rescued chocolate cocker, and continues to give most of her free time to fundraising for the Northern Virginia Cocker Rescue, “Oldies but Goodies”. I’d like to ask for your prayers for Ernie and Debbie, but especially for Debbie so that she can continue to bring love and peace to God’s little animals and continue to bring joy to all of us who know and love her.

Attached is a picture of Ernie and Dudley dressed in their Ladybug and Bumblebee Halloween costumes. They also are affectionately known as the Minke Brothers.

Elaine from VA