Here name is Cheddar, we rescued here from a breeder. She spent the first 4 years of her life in a 10×10 horse stall giving birth to $700 hunting dogs. On her last litter, she spent too long in labor and most of the puppies died, that is when the breeder decided to put her down. That is when she came in to our lives.
She has a good life now. She goes on walks, goes camping, goes to the beach and gets plenty of food. She is never more than 5 feet from my side since we have been together, don’t tell anyone but she even sleeps in our bed. I am sure that she would give her life to protect either me or my wife.

Now she is 12 years old. The last 6 years have taught me much about love and kindness. I will miss her when she is gone and am not looking forward to that day. She is getting slower but still is still doing fine.

I hope all of you have a chance to know a dog as good as my Cheddar, if you already have then you have been blessed.

Thanks for reading my story.

Mike from Oregon