Growing up my family and I had the most amazing Black Lab – Champ! We fondly called him “Champion the Wonder Dog.” He truly was amazing. From the day we brought him at 6 weeks old until the day he died of cancer at 10years old he was happy and loving. We all loved him! The story I want to tell is this: We had a pool in our backyard that was surrounded by a large deck. Champ would fetch his golf ball and bring it to the pool where we were all playing. He would lay down with his paws just barely dangling above the water. He would then drop his golf ball into the pool. Well the ball, subsequently sank to the bottom, where Champ would dive down to retrieve it. His paws would flip and flop above the water as he fished around for his trusty golf ball. Once he got it, he would swim to the ladder, climb out, shake and begin again. This would continue for hours! The entertainment factor was immeasurable. He even helped to bring my sister to the ladder when she seemed to him to be drowning (she wasn’t).

This dog had so many great stories and wonderful memories. Not a day goes by that we don’t think about him or chat about him in some way. He will be missed forever.

Michelle from New Jersey