The dog I remember the best as a child was one named Chad–a little brown one that kept me sane. My dad & mom did not get along to put it mildly. Many a night I would set outside on the back step & cry on Chad’s fur. He just looked at me & snuggled down in my lap. A little bit of sanity in my life. She died when I was in Nurses training. As soon as I was out & working , I found another dog & have not looked back since then. I married & moved to a farm & have had many dogs in our 38 years of marriage. 2 years ago we had the last one put to sleep & even my husband shed tears. No more dogs was my mantra; then 1 yr. ago on mother’s Day I was presented with a golden ball of fur…a LARGE ball of fur! And so Riley entered into our lives & is a very busy Golden Retriever & has kept this 60 yr. old lady hopping. I have enjoyed all of her..she was a special gift & is a lot of company.

I am sorry for the loss of your dogs–I can understand the emptiness that their passing leaves.

God Bless you & I really enjoy your show.

Beverly from KS