Catroina’s story

Throughout my life I have always been surrounded by dogs in spite of living in an apartment in the city. The minimum was 2,at times as many as 5.
Exactly the same as humans,all are or were unique individuals-splendid specimens of pedigreed standards or mixed breeds of unknown heritage .All were either brought in directly from the street in very poor condition or given to us. We usually had large sized guys and they all understood their position inside a household and there was only the rare ,quick fight for dominance which ended as soon as they heard the command “out!!!!!”
Some were incredibly intelligent with an ESP quality about them while others were simply lovable dummies.A few had remarkable drive/motivation and inbred skills for protection and obedience and strove to please.
Others were what we lovingly called criminals and bums.
All were cherished and when their life force was waning and they struggled to arise when called……..and lost interest in even eating due to advanced age-,or for 3 a catastrophic event happened (cancer for 2,poisoning for another)–their appointments were made.
It is NEVER an easy time and prayers ALWAYS went unanswered for a death in the night while sleeping.
I always remember the wisdom of my father and uncles for this severe time,that G-d,the Creator made this animal known as a dog…to enhance our lives, not to create sorrow and grief. The qualities of courage,faithfulness,selfLESSness,joy,strength etc were simply those things HE gave to this animal we call a dog and when the “time” came,we were to be “good stewards”, be humane and put the dog “down” humanely and without tears as the dog will pick up on your emotions. Never let your animal suffer .A very difficult thing to do but the men of our family also said that the dog HAD NO ISSUES with death as again,they are animals, and that’s the way they were created .Emotions will be transmitted to the dog ,so always maintain yourself at that time.
Let me tell you something, my eyes are overflowing and i still miss every single one of them.
Right now 2 are lying by my feet,content in their position of companion/guardians of the house and family.
One never replaces another. ( my kids were horrified when i brought in another dog 10weeks after my 6 year old alsation had to be destroyed after being poisoned……. only the presence of another dog eased thingsfor ME)
They are all unique and lived happy and full lives in a household that understood and treated them respectfully and fairly.
…….same for our cats . All are loved and those deceased are truly missed as there were some increduble guys among our felines.

Catroina from New York