Cat Story

This is a “cat story” actually as I have had so many cats in my life, but you said it was okay.

I had one cat who lived to be 17 years old. Poor boy; he had lost most of his teeth and could no longer groom himself. He also had cataracts and couldn’t see. BUT, he could smell my chocolate chip cookies, and if I didn’t watch him, he would “swipe them” from me.

It was a sad day when I finally took him to the vet, knowing it “was time.” The vet let me stay in the room while he administered the shot and then asked if I would like to spend a few minutes with him. I nodded yes, as my eyes were full of tears, and said my “goodbye” to an old friend.

I ordered your book from amazon.com the other day and I’m sure I and my husband will read it with pleasure and sadness.

We don’t get your program “live” so listen every weekday evening from 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. We wouldn’t miss it! I am glad to see this “softer side” of Mark Levin, as well as your outrages at what our government is doing to us!

With love,
Mary from CT