When my wife and I got married, we bought our Cassie, a beautiful, loving chocolate lab. Seven years later, our second child reacted to a vaccine and developed a severe seizure disorder called Infantile Spasms. The stress on our family and the focus on our ill child took our attention away from our beloved dog. She developed a rare skin disorder similar to mange that the vet blamed on stress. The treatments for my son’s disorder were very expensive, as were the treatments for our lab, and we had to make a choice- my son. The dog was in such agony, we had to put her down, and when I took her to the vet and left her, she looked me right in the eyes, as if saying, “What did I do wrong…why me?” and it tore me up. But my son came first…God healed him of the seizures, but he now has Autism. Two years ago we got a new dog, an Australian Cattle Dog we rescued from a no-kill shelter. She is now a part of our family, and some day, my wife and I will get another chocolate lab…

Doug from TX