My boyfriend and I met a pitbull puppy that was in the vet’s office after being abused from an abusive household. We decided to take him in and keep him, the only downside is that Cassidy had a shattered elbow from his abuse and required surgery to fix it. My boyfriend, Brandon, has a wonderful Aunt and Uncle that he lives with and they were able to pay for the first surgery. Now we have received the devestating news that he is going to require a second surgery and there is no way Brandon and I can afford it. His Aunt and Uncle would love to help but they have vet bills up the wazoo since they have so many other rescue animals requiring attention and care. We are starting a fund to help raise money for his surgery and any additional money that we raise will be donated to a pitbull rescue foundation. The downside is that because he needs this surgery fast we are not considered a non for profit organization so any donation made will not be tax deductibel…. which is preventing a lot of people from donating. If you are at all interested in helping or have any advice on fundraising please do not hesitate to contact me at thecassidyfund@yahoo.com
Thank you so much and God bless.

Tina from IL