Casey, ever loyal.
Casey came from the SPCA as a puppy, and helped raise our children. He was part Golden Retriever, and all dog! Casey was very gentle with our children, and very protective when strangers came around. Our children would not think of leaving Casey for more than a few hours, and he rewarded the children with his undying love and loyalty. Casey lived to be twelve years old, long enough for our youngest to become a teenager. Then Casey’s health gave out, and as his heart was giving way to old age, I awakened one morning to find my wife in tears as she tried to give water to Casey and keep him comfortable until I was up. I will never forget how my wife cried as she asked me to take Casey to the vet so the vet could “take care of him.” That was the longest two miles I ever drove, and I wept for a while after telling Casey good-bye and God Bless.

Judge Mark from TX