Last night, November 12, our vet came to our home to euthanize Carlee, a rescue dog that we had for 10 months. The tears flowed as we stroked her fur and said goodby and continue to flow now. Carlee was a stray that was recognized to be a Bouvier and turned over to a Bouvier rescue group to be fostered. She was about 5 or 6 years old and joined our other Bouvier rescue who is 12.
Carlee was a joy from the moment we picked her up. We never heard a sound from her on the 5 hour trip home. Carlee and our male, Kelly, bonded immediately and became a bit like each other.
She was the sweetest dog ever, but she had a few quirks. The first afternoon that the dogs were alone, she carried 9 stuffed animals through the dog door and buried them in our desert back yard. She had a love of paper products and T.P.ed the house whenever the bathroom doors were left open.
Sadly, in September Carlee was diagnosed with cancer of the sinus. We decided to give her the best life possible before she went to the Rainbow Bridge. We had given her a home, but she gave us great joy.

Barbara from NV