My 6 y/o cat Caitlyn was admitted to hospital yesterday (Mon – 11/19) and has been diagnosed with Pancreatitis. I know little about this affliction on the feline side and since Caitlyn is my very first pet of any kind, I am beside myself with worry, exasperated by lack of sleep. Caitlyn won’t eat/drink and is in horrible pain.

I’ve been blessed because Caitlyn has been so wonderfully healthy and active consistently since she came home for the first time as a kitten that this quick on-set of illness has leveled me. She won’t be home for Thanksgiving and I guess this post is just an “emotio-vent” rambling for me.

I am praying she will pull through this, she is very tough. Another constant reminder that there “ain’t no time to hate” or fight with our loved-ones. Let the posts of the Dog Corner represent a diary of feelings, the Good, the Bad and the…Pancreatic. Rejoice and give thanks for what we have, every day, because nothing lasts.

Our pets are a blessing to us, a gift from above and the closest thing to a child I will ever have. I could never understand the human/pet bond (outside the obvious) before now. Caitlyn was just someone else I took for granted. I know I am not ready to read Rescuing Sprite yet as it may just cause a breakdown but it does feel good to know I am not alone and the book is there for me when I am ready.

Tom in NJ

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  1. Marianne Says:

    Your Caitlin looks like a skinnier version of my mom’s Seuss. She has such an inquisitive and cute look. I pray that she survived her sickness that you mention about in November and I pray for you if she did not. I’ve only lost one pet so far a cat that we found when I was 3 and passed while I was at college about 18 years later. I don’t know if it will be any easier when one of my current pets passes, but I doubt it will be. What I do know is that a community cat in my apt while I was at college seemed to hang around me a lot as I was grieving over my Smokey. At first I felt guilty for laughing at his antics or enjoying his purr and cuddling him. I thought it was wrong of me to do that and just “replace” my Smokey. What I’ve grown to learn is that never ever will one animal replace another. The hole they leave behind in your heart can never be filled. What I do believe is that each animal is unique and finds a nice new little corner of your heart to reside. 6 years is such a short time…Wishing you and Caitlyn well.